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A bouquet of flowers with daisies and orange roses

Valentine Love

Happy Valentines Day. Share a custom message with your loved one.

A rocket ship lifting off from a garden.

The Launch of GG Hire Me

This is my portfolio site. I made a less-good version a long time ago, and have dreamed of creating a polished version for some time. I'm very proud to have it running now.

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Link Indexer Complete

The next-to-last piece of the puzzle is made! I'm pretty excited, and very proud. I've taken a big breath, and relaxed. Even if it takes me a year to make the last piece, I know it's on its way.

A man with cyber punk glasses starting at a computer. The light of the computer illuminates his face in a dark room

I Made a Git Hub!

I put off making a GitHub for a long time... but I'm so glad I've went on and made one now! It's great. I love typing 'git commit'.

Formula 1 Drivers, racing to the finish

Media Indexer Complete

Another milestone completed; the media indexer is done. Only two tools left, before the daily post generator is running.

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2023 : A Web App Retrospective

A video showing the software I created in 2023. I did other things, but these 2 applications were the main ones. They will be the tools I use to move forward in 2024, to publishing hundreds of social media posts every day.

Melting Clocks and Clouds with the backdrop of the sky

Media Indexer Update

This is a medium length video showing the development process of the media indexer. Hopefully, this tool (along with a post-composing script) will let me produce and manage hundreds if not thousands of social media posts a day, across dozens of platforms.

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Happy New Year 2024

2024 is going to be a killer year.

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Ready Made Form - Video Demo

A short demo of the speed of Ready-Made Form

A derailed train in the snow with Christmas trees coming out of it

The Merry Christmas Article Was a Trainwreck

The publishing of the Merry Christmas article was a train wreck, here's what I did to fix it.