Baby Steps Forward

Engineering the Social Manager

Today is an engineering day. I have to come up with a plan to implement the Social Manager.

A flow chart, graphically and abstractly represented, with a hand pointing at pictures.
An abstract map to the future.

An Outline:

  • Media Indexer: I'll upload media to my server and tag it with descriptors. The other fascilities this must provide is a way of registering media to be stored in other locations or drives outside of the server, and to track it.
  • Link Validator: This will allow me to register links to be checked periodically, and my daily wizard will present a list for me each morning to check a handful of them. They could either be links I have created and I just need to test, or outside links I've linked to that I need to confirm as valid.
  • Blog Post Scheduler: I'll register the blogs I run, and connect them to scripts that look in my database and generates posts on a daily basis. It will leverage AI: probably OpenAI
  • Social Post Scheduler: I set this separate because the goals are slightly different from the blog post scheduler. The blog posts are supposted to be 'here is what is going on.' The social posts should be 'here is what is in the blogs.' Or something like that. However, the social scheduler will work a lot like the blog post scheduler, and they may even overlap.
  • Wizarding Tool: The last major aspect of the Social Manager will be the wizarding tool, which will present me with a list of links that go to the places I post. Below will be a list of 'potential posts', along with a reminder of the last 5 or so posts. I'll click on the post I want, and the text will be copied to my clipboard, the media moved into a special staging folder, and a window opened up with the place I'm supposed to post. After posting, I'll copy a link to the post and paste it into my wizard system to save the post for review later.
  • Post Checkup Tool: I'll check a handful of posts every day, to make sure they're still there and to resolve any unresolved interaction.
A money sign flying into a mailbox
Mailin' It!

Here's to a Successful Day!

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