Link Indexer Complete

Almost There

So the big plan has been developing. The link indexer is done. I add links to be crawled with a freqency (in days) associated. Every morning, my wizard checkes to see if a crawl is due, and if it is, it executes it.

After executing the crawl, the morning wizard reports any bad links. After that, the wizard presents me with a small list to manually check, where I can update the tags associated with the link in the system.

A mad scientist rat with glasses laughing maniacally

One Step Left

The last step in the 'Master Plan' is creating the actual post composer. In my system, I now have indexed links and indexed media, both of which have tags indicating the subject media. I now have what I need to write a program to automate social media posts. I can't wait. I've worked toward that for years.

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