Media Indexer Complete

Almost Home

This project took something like 2 weeks to complete. The goal is to be able to take big batches of media (think dozens of photos from a phone), and apply tags and other meta data to them and save them in a database.

Link to the Media Indexer YouTube Demo

Two More to Go!

There's two more tools I want to knock out, to get to the point of posting hundreds of places on the internet. One is a link indexer, which I've already started. That will come with a tool to manually re-validate links, and a crawler to crawl urls that I register with it.

The other will be the actual post composer/scheduler. It will be sort of simple. Just a form to register a url, along with a script to generate the posts. I'm going to write a nice php class to manage the post generation.

Formula 1 Drivers, racing to the finish
On the way to the finish!

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