Ready Made Form - Video Demo

It Took 3 Years

I worked so hard to make this Database Manager; I call the system as a whole Ready-Made Form. It took 3 years of work to engineer and implement. What's worse: I worked for 2 years and failed. I took a year to work on other projects, and came back to it for about a year.

Link to the Ready Made Form YouTubeDemo

It was absolutely worth it, though. This tool takes what used to be weeks of work and turns it into an hour or so. This makes building large systems for data tracking and manipulating data feasible for me as a solo developer. Now, I can whip up a database and its interface in an hour or so. I can experiment with data, and it isn't a week gone down the drain if it doesn't work out.

I understand this demo isn't a fully-fledged demo. I didn't show the files it creates or demonstrate the usage. But this should show the speed in which I can knock out a database with it.

A database icon with an arrow spitting out a piece of paper
Icon Version 1

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