The Launch of GG Hire Me

The Future is Around the Corner

I made this site as a portfolio to send people to when applying for jobs. Here is a video of 'the making of' the site.

Link to the YouTube Demo

First, I made a form where I could add topics pertaining to work. I added jobs, languages, projects, project types, and APIs. Then, filled in each topic. What makes the form special is when you add a topic member, all of the other topic members get a place to tie everything together. Watch the video for a clearer picture.

A rocket ship lifting off from a garden.
It'll launch we out of the weeds into a new life.

I've dreamed of making this for a long time. I made a less-good version a long time ago, and have dreamed of polishing a version like this for some time. I'm going to go on a job application spree... to provide a stable life for my family and kids. Wish me luck!

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