The Site has Launched

I Can Hardly Contain My Excitement

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Roaring Triumphantly

I've worked many years to develop the tools to make a website like this. I am incredibly proud. Here is to the new future! In this article, I'm not going to dive into the technical details of why this achievement was so difficult. I will in future articles. I'm just going to say that I've had this dream over 8 years, and I've worked tirelessly (or tired-ly) toward achieving it.

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On To The Future

The Plan Moving Forward

The next little bit will be super-duper exciting. The dream for many years has been to have an automated social media presence, connected to blogs like this one. There is really just one more tool to build, and the automated presence will begin.

The Short Term

  • The Social Manager
    • Media Indexer: This program will let me take various types of media, save them in a database and tag them with meta-data about that describes them (subject, location, time, photographer, etc). They will be used later to compose social media or blog posts.
    • Blog Post Composer/Scheduler: This part of the program will look at my personal databases and automate certain blog posts. For instance, if I teach in a certain town one day, an 'I taught in this town today' post should go up on the blog automatically. Maybe with pictures from the media indexer from that town.
    • Social Post Composer/Scheduler: This part will let me register places on the internet where I'm supposed to post, along with information about the topics those places are interested in, and how often I want to post there. Then, every morning, a script will look at that list and compare it the media that is indexed, the information in my personal databases, the record of posts made in the past, and any blog posts that have been made. It will make a decision about what to post where, and compose the copy along with the media. It will present me with a list of links that go to each resepective social media page. When I click the link, it will take me to the page to post on, automatically copy the text to my clipboard to be pasted, and move copies of the media to a centralized upload-folder.

All of this will be semi-automated: meaning that it will present me with a list, and I'll either accept or reject it. I'm going to take some time to engineer these things and then produce them. I'm shooting for it to be done before 2024, but may draw into January. The greatest thing that will come of all this is when I do things in life I can broadcast it out into the world with little effort. That means any kind of small animation I make, song I produce or any other media become very valuable. I'll no longer be working on these things alone and isolated: I'll be sharing it with the world.

The Medium Term

After I have the social manager running, I'm going to go ahead and knock out a handful of websites, complete with blogs that are connected to the social manager.

  • The site for my web company. Also, any stand-alone applications I release (games/tools) will be released through this site.
  • I have lots of fun animation ideas for this one. I want it to end up being a curated radio station with unsigned artists. If I do do that, the artists will have a huge cut of the profits. At first, it'll just be where I release my music.
  • A site to promote my teaching, and to act as a hub for my students.
  • This will be my professional portfolio. I'm going to create it's own tool for managing it, and it will serve as a template for an idea I have for a portfolio site.

The Long Term

After I work out the bugs in the Social Manager and the Site Generator (the tool that creates the 'what' I'm sending people to with the social manager), I'll get several things out of it.

  • A Media Empire: Something akin to Vox. I want to produce different media, and then use the social manager to proliferate it out into the digital world. I have dreams of paying writers for articles.
  • A Serious Service for Small Businesses: Managing their public digital presence. After I've proven it for myself, I'll be able to offer guarantees about the sevice I would provide.
  • Application Ideas: I have a bunch of ideas for web applications. I'm not going to list off the exact names or plans, because I don't want them taken (☺)! With the Site Generator, I'll be able to produce the applications within a reasonable timeframe, and with the Social Manager, I'll be able to promote it.
    • A Portfolio Website: Capture your career in a fine-grained detail.
    • A Timeline Application: Create and save a timeline of events in your life, for posterity. Save for yourself, or make it public.
    • An Animation Sharing Application: Create and share animations.
    • Invoicing Software: I've already produced a program to do invoicing, and intend on beginning to promote it.
    • And More... It's going to be exciting.

Exclamatory Joy

I am beyond excited about putting this plan into action finally, after years of work. Big Dreams : Big Work : Big Payoff (Hopefully ☺)

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Jump for Joy

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