Jammaday Academy

A worm coming out of an apple playing a guitar and smiling
Look at the blast he's having!

A Source of Joy

I've taught music for 15 years and I've been taught continuously for 10 (minus the pandemic). There's very little besides my children that brings me as much joy as teaching.

Music saved my life... by giving me direction at a time when I was wandering lost. It kept me out of trouble; it gave me a purpose. That's why I feel it's so important to pass it along.

I've spent most of my teaching operating under the name 'Greg Goad Music Instruction'. However, I'm slowly rebranding to Jammaday Academy.

There is a dream for Jammaday Academy to be a franchise, focused on tutoring, that helps people achieve the skills they need or want in life.

If you are interested in enrollment, just contact me. I teach the guitar, bass, piano, drums and ukulele. I serve the piedmont triad, NC.

3 Eighth Notes. The beginnings of a symphony.
Doobee do Wah

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