Unbalanced Algebra

The symbol for Pi inside of a sun radiating out from a hollow center
The Radiance!

Of all of the things I've found while researching the factoring of integers, the coolest thing has been unbalanced algebra. It is a method for solving systems of parametric equations in the domain of algebra, and it gets its name from what I was studying when it was found.

I haven't published it for a fear of someone stealing my work. I've found this algebra, but have not solved any real unsolved problems with it. After I found it, I shifted my efforts to computer programming (because I have to feed my family), with the intention of re-visiting it after I finsihed a certain amount of work in that domain.

But as I get older, I realize it's selfish. What if I died? As of now (December 2023), I'm at the very end of what I wanted to achieve in computer programming. The first thing I'm going to do when I get there is go ahead and publish Unbalanced Algebra on Arxiv, before I dive into finding an application for it, and before I've collected the rest of my research.

How could the statement 1 equals 2 contain any kind of insight?
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